• A new online Platform Video Chat with Stars, Experts and Influencers – Marketplace for online coaching & online meet and greet

    CoachTheWorldlauched in 2018 their global marketplace for experts and influencers.This virtual coaching platform brings together people who needsupport with the expert coaches who are able to provide it per Video Chat.

    Coaching sessions can be booked and take place 24/7. Experts can exponentially increase their client selling their knowledge services with the booking, payment, rating and chat integration, similar to an Uber for know-how system.

    Right now, clients are searching CoachTheWorld (CTW) for:

    • Influencer Secrets(speak with Actors and Youtube and Instagram stars) 
    • Life Coaching (relationships, tutoring, acting, dating, work-life, nutrition)
    • Business Coaching (management, consulting, startup, It-consulting, marketing)

    You’re an expert in your field. You have what it takes to share life-changing guidance with clients. You just need an online platform to get your message in front of the world.

    Connect with stars

    CoachTheWorld: Another Source of Online Income for Influencers

    When it comes to getting ahead in life, private coaching is the fastest and most cost-effective way to succeed. At the same time, this is also a unique opportunity for influencers to further monetize their services and offer followers immediate access to some extremely valuable tools. For this reason, CoachTheWorld was created for influencers, experts and coaches to reach out and provide video chat sessions to connect their followers with a similar level of success.

    For example, followers can reserve a 15 minute session with real ActorslikeJoanna Cassidy from Blade Runner and Six Feet UnderRob Mello.Or Video Chat with Star Motivator Nick Santonastasso.

    • Pricing – Various pricing options to suit each influencer
    • Flexible Times – 15min/30/45/60-minute sessions or packages
    • Advance Notice – 3 Days for influencer to confirm or decline each session
    • Location Independent – Coachingand Experience,anywhere, anytime
    • Free to sign up and no monthly fee

    In this sense, experts and influencers can sell their knowledge and leverage their experience in a way that benefits both sides of the exchange. Whether you teach, coach or simply hold the nuggets of information that your followers need, CoachTheWorld is the perfect opportunity to work and travel or earn an income from something you already do.






    Ø  People love the personal relationship with their favorite Celebrities and Mentors 

    Ø  Choose to meet for 15 minutes or longer 

    Ø  Easy to accept or decline an appointment 

    Ø  No recurring fees, only a 15% booking fee & 3% transaction fee (Paypal or Stripe) 

    Ø  Complete freedom to select your own fee structure 

    Ø  Share files, screenshare, whiteboard… all without leaving CoachTheWorld 

    Ø  Share knowledge and expertise with the best video chat tools anywhere 


    sharing your time is the most beautiful gift to your Fans J 

                                    Joanna Cassidy from “Blade Runner” and “Six Feet Under” Uses CoachTheWorld To Change the World

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