• make the home office a little more productive with usb duplicators


    Working at home will be longer than before since the condition is not going on a stable condition in a few months ahead. The home office is a comfortable environment because some people will be more productive, and the work hour is flexible. But the problem is the home office equipment. Sometimes the home office doesn’t have proper compatibility to do specific jobs. Many people are trying to keep up with the computer hardware and equipment to make sure their home office will get the job done. USB Duplicator is one of the best computer equipment to make digital copies in a fast way possible.




    Who will need USB Duplicator for their home office?




    I will give you some examples of why you need this product. In the first example, the IT manager wants to provide a copy of the installation software for the employees. If the installation software is on the server or data cloud, which means not everybody can download the installation software because not all of the employees have a proper Internet connection. Before working at home begin, the IT manager must give a copy of the installation software for each employee. USB duplicator will be the answer to this issue. Another example is for Program Developer who needs to show the program demo to the clients and want to show how the program works in the customer’s PC or laptop in an instance. Because the file size is too big to transfer, the USB duplicator will be correctly used in this issue.




    Nexcopy develops this USB flash drive duplicator to make a job easier on copying a big file in the fastest way possible. The size of the USB flash drive duplicator is about 6” long and 4” wide. It will fit into a Laptop bag, briefcase, and the weight is as light as a book. 




    How to operate USB Duplicator ?




    One socket for the master device (USB drive with the data that want to be copied) and the other four sockets for the USB target devices. The best thing about this duplicator is a binary copier, which means you can copy any file format or any file system that connected into USB duplicator. This will make your job easier when you want to copy files with a big size; all you need to do is push a single button. The feature of USB Duplicator can perform a binary copy or binary copy with comparing the data. The compare function will make things easier for the user to make sure the data from the master will be exactly the same with the USB target devices.




    Consider the following bullet points for this min USB duplicator system:




    • Asynchronous copy mode, all the time
    • Binary copier will copy any format; FAT, FAT32, exFAT, NTFS, HFS, Ext2,3,4, Proprietary
    • Binary CRC verification algorithm
    • Quick Erase and Full Erase for disk sanitization
    • Four language modes in the LCD menu
    • USB speed benchmark utility
    • Firmware upgradeable














    How fast USB Duplicator  Do?




    The Nexcopy USB104SA will copy the data for each device up to 1GigaByte per minute. Which means for 4 copy devices will have 1GB/min. In this speed, you will only need 10 minutes for 10GB data set, and you will have 4 copies in one work. 


    When you are comparing the speed of USB duplicator and your computer speed, I beg the USB duplicator will win, because you need to process 4 times. Even if your computer can copy 4 flash drives at once, the process will be much longer than USB duplicator. 




    Another feature in this USB duplicator is the quick erase method. It’s different from formatting drive because the formatting drive will not remove the data, and the data can be recovered. This quick erase method will remove all the data from the USB flash drive with no chance of the data being recovered later. That means it will be fully erasing the binary to zero. Even the recovery software can’t restore the data from the USB flash drive that already erased with this ‘quick erase’ method.




    The good quality of USB Duplicator  can be determined by the write speed. USB duplicator can write about 20MB/s of random data. If you know about the good quality of USB with the write speed is more than 8MB/s for USB 2.0 or 20MB/s write speed for USB 3.0 then you know that product is having better quality memory.




    Is a USB duplicator compatible with USB 1.0 and USB 2.0?




    Nexcopy made a USB duplicator with a backward-compatible product, which means it is compatible with USB 1.0 and 2.0. The write speed will adjust the USB devices if the copy devices are USB 1.0 or USB 2.0. But the best writing speed still on the USB 3.0 media. 




    USB duplicator have 4 language modes: English, Portuguese, Spanish, and Simplified Chinese. The CRC verification method is a Cyclical Redundancy Check verification method and is most reliable for NAND memory. Probably best to search for CRC verification for a complete understanding of this protocol. 




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