• Why uPVC Double Glazing Windows Are Sought After

    Deciding to change the windows of your home will not be the least expensive home improvement project that you will ever undertake. However there are various advantages to replacing your single glazed windows - your home will become more energy efficient, will be more comfortable and will be worth more should you ever decide to put it on the market.

    Before you simply jump in and replace your old wooden windows with uPVC double glazing windows for example you would be advised to check out the planning regulations pertaining to your area. termopane galati pret You could find out that there are some restrictions in your locality, or even that your home has architectural merit because of this the planners do not want PVC windows installed.

    Single glazed windows cost less than double glazing and double glazing in turn is less expensive than triple glazing and so on. usi interior termopan galati Most homeowners however balance up between cost and performance and find that double glazing provides a very good standard of window installation without being too expensive. After laying out the initial purchase cost of these windows, homeowners find that the rest of the news is positive, as having these windows installed means that fuel bills are dramatically reduced over the lifetime of the units, and this can result in large savings.

    The principle behind double glazing is pretty straightforward. geamuri termopan galati Two sheets of glazing are separated by a layer of gas and this gas is sealed. The gas becomes an insulation barrier, stopping cold from being transferred from the outside and heat from being lost from the inside of the home. A double glazed window is only as good as all of the components that go to make up the window (seals, spacers, frame, etc). So it is important that each of these products is produced to a high standard and combined in such a way as to be able to perform effectively.

    Air leakage is one measurement used to gauge the effectiveness of windows. usi termopan galati It may be hard for someone standing beside a window to discern whether or not there is air leakage through a closed window, but most single glazed windows will allow a lot of air leakage. All windows allow a certain amount, but better quality windows are well sealed and leakage is kept to a minimum.

    uPVC double glazing windows have other advantages over single glazed window units. They are more secure due to the fact that the locks in uPVC windows are built into the frame and also because double glazing is tougher than single glazing to break through. The frames are also regarded as maintenance free, given that uPVC as a material does not need to be painted or maintained during its lifetime.

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